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Our Services


Floors Inc. offers an extensive collection of flooring related products and services. Whether a project requires carpet, hardwood, floor leveling, or even specialized consulting and assistance, we offer a full suite of services to accommodate your needs.

Carpeting & Tile
Many factors determine the type of carpeting your project needs, such as the amount of traffic the carpeting will endure.  Whether the business is an office, hotel/motel, civic facility, government building, restaurant, education or medical facility, Floors Inc. has the products to add beauty, versatility, durability, and style to your project. Read more...


Installation Services
Commercial flooring installation is our specialty. Our commercial flooring installers have received numerous 3rd party certifications from national institutions such as C.F.I. and I.P.C.I. as well as training from some of the nation’s leading floor covering manufacturers. Read more...



Interior Maintenance
Our Interior Maintenance program is customer focused and made up of caring technicians who use advanced technologies and equipment. You have a major investment in your interior floor covering, wall panels, etc. We can help you protect it. Read more...



In-Stock Carpet Program
Floors, Inc. can help you with about 150 different carpets from which you can make your selection. In 1985, in response to our clients' needs, Floors, Inc. started filling the warehouse with rolls of carpet that could be used on those quick turnaround projects. This was the start of what was soon to be known as our "In-stock Carpet Program". Read more...


Moisture Remediation

A finished floor can be no better than the sub-floor underneath. When floors fail, it is in many cases not the fault of the product that is on top, but rather the concrete slab the floor is installed over. When a concrete sub-floor is crafted improperly and has a pH level out of industry tolerance, it will bleed out excess moisture outwards. Read more...



Customers can specify a product or work with one of our commercial specialists to identify the right product at the right price. Once a product is identified, our services can include the following:

- project initiation and scope definition - materials receiving, warehousing, and delivery
- take off, estimation, and layout - preparation of installers
- site evaluation - installation
- materials procurement - site supervision
- site testing - job walk-through
- reclamation of existing materials - ongoing regularly scheduled maintenance