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Has been achieved by Harold Starks.... Harold is Operations Manager for Floors, Inc. Interior Maintenance Division.He successfully completed a two day training program at Forbo Flooring Systems facilities expanding his knowledge and earning his certification in the latest technology in floor care chemicals, Topshield2 procedures, proper equipment, initial and post-... > > > Read Full Article
Floors, Inc. is now a member of CPAA, Concrete Polishing Association of America. The CPAA is responsible for defining industry standards, and developing ethical guidelines, while creating and maintaining non-biased specifications. The CPAA works with a large number of leading contractors to assist in developing standards for quality, process concrete floors. Floors, Inc.... > > > Read Full Article
Here's something you don't see everyday from a local flooring provider. At the request of a long standing client and friend who is a Facilities Manager at a local college, and who supports the M.A.D.D. organization, Floors Inc. has been a proud sponsor of the race car shown below for a number of years. The owner of this car, not only sponsors the car and... > > > Read Full Article
Floors Inc. is pleased to announce their commitment to Fabrica's line of "High Style" nylon and wool carpets and rugs. Fabrica carpets and rugs are recognized for their singular beauty and exceptional quality.  Using superior materials, state of the art technology, and highly skilled craftsmen, Fabrica creates carpet and area rugs that offer "Quality Without... > > > Read Full Article
The ReSource Commercial Flooring Network (ReSource) announced today thatit's Members diverted more than 7 million pounds of carpet waste from landfills in 2010 bringing the networks total to more than 15.5 million pounds of carpet waste diverted from landfills since the organization began reporting its efforts in 2008. Through the ReSource initiative, Ecollect™,ReSource... > > > Read Full Article
We recently donated a truck load of pallets to Hofeling Enterprises to be recycled into bedding for animals at the zoo. This is another example of our ongoing effort to protect the environment, by keeping the pallets out of landfills and helping a good cause. > > > Read Full Article
OMAHA, Nebraska - When Darland Construction learned of the needs of Uta Halee Girls Village, an adolescent treatment facility located on the northern outskirts of Omaha, there was unanimous agreement that it should be the kick-off project for Darland’s newly formed Community Outreach Team. The team was created to put Darland’s knowledge, resources, and talent to work; to... > > > Read Full Article
Floor Daily Magazine recently published an article on specifying your concrete flooring. Concrete flooring has been utilized for years by warehouses and retail establishments, and has since grown into a viable option for many businesses and schools. The article goes on to note what must be thought through to achieve your desired result: "In large part, the growth and... > > > Read Full Article